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IMM Exchange - The Trendsetter of P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Globe

About IMM Exchange

IMM Exchange , the World’s Leading P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange aims to provide the seamless, secure, ultra fast and completely reliable cryptocurrency exchange experience for all global users. IMM Exchange is the result of the ceaseless effort of a number of professionals who have interest and deep knowledge over the cryptocurrency waves.

Our experts have built the IMM Exchange with high end security features and advanced trading APIs to help traders to make their trade more secure and effective. We have keenly concentrated on many trading aspects such as liquidity, crypto trading pairs, trading fees, referral programs and a lot more to improve the trading volume, trader’s trust over the exchange and also user density of the platform.

As the leading cryptocurrency exchange, IMM Exchange has a constant eye on the cryptocurrency market price and also for the new innovations. We never hesitate to implement any new innovations or technology into our exchange that benefits our traders.

IMMFX.Exchange managed by IMM Group LTD, is regulated by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Service Authority (SVGFSA) of the Eastern Caribbean States (CELAC) and CARICOM.

Special Features of IMM Exchange

Listed here are the key features of IMM Exchange.

Ease to Trade

We have a stunning Trading panel that allows users to trade easily. We have two kinds of exchange options as basic and advanced through which both new traders and as well as experienced traders can make trading.

Our basic exchange has a simple and easy exchange layout that even a new individual to crypto trading can easily make his/her first trading.

Highly Secured

IMM Exchange platform is developed with high end security measures to offer our traders the world’s safest crypto trading platform. Some of our security measures involve CSRF XSS security integration, SQL command storing process, Encryption for DB details and mail confirmation for login, withdrawal, deposit and so on,

Multi-cryptocurrency and Multi-crypto pairs

IMM Exchange supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies exchange with options to trade multi- cryptocurrency pairs.

Supports for multiple cryptocurrency and multiple cryptocurrency trading pairs to make exchange anytime with low trading fees.

Referral Program

We have included a referral program in IMM Exchange for all the users who register an account in our exchange. Our Referral Program is a 1 to 1 referral program that lets you invite N number of your friends or family members to trade on IMM Exchange.

You will be rewarded with some percent of the amount when the person you invited, register on IMM Exchange and make their first trading through the referral link that you have sent them.

Integrated Wallet

IMM Exchange offers a separate integrated wallet for the registered users on the IMM Exchange.

You can deposit,or withdraw cryptocurrency or fiat to your wallet anytime and you can view and download the wallet transaction history anytime for completely free.

Why IMM Exchange for P2P Cryptocurrency Trading ?

As there are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that prevails in the cryptocurrency market. Among them, the reasons to choose our IMM Exchange for your cryptocurrency trading involves :

  1. Super-fast trading experience.
  2. Secured platform with 2FA and mail confirmation for all necessary steps.
  3. Both Basic and Advanced trading options available
  4. Low trading fees
  5. Integrated Crypto Wallet
  6. Easy transaction
  7. IMM Exchange service is available as Mobile application
  8. Rewards through referral program
  9. 24 X 7 support system
  10. Simple,fast and secure crypto transactions and so on.

To unlock our other advanced trading features and to enjoy the seamless crypto trading with us, quickly create your own account in IMM Exchange.

Visit our IMM Exchange website and register your account and finish all your KYC verification and enjoy trading with us !

You can also download our IMM Exchange mobile application that is available on both google play store and iphone app store.

Join IMM Exchange now & Enjoy World-class P2P Crypto Trading !!

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