Privacy Policy


In this privacy policy, ‘we/us/our/IMM Exchange’ refer to the IMM Exchange website and applications.

We are committed to protect our users’ data because respect it.

This privacy policy is to promote transparency between the organization and its users in all the activities involved in the process. Hence, we kindly request you to read the policies carefully to your fullest understanding, as it deals with how we process your data.

The policy describes how we collect, use, and share our users’ data across our website (, our mobile application, and other third parties.

It is to be noticed that when users utilize any of our services from either our website or application, they consent to the collection, transfer, storage, disclosure, and use of their personal data as described in this policy.

The policies mentioned here are subjected to change from time to time. However, a prompt notification will be issued to our users. Section (8) offers more insight into the changes in the privacy policy.

Data Collection

Data Users Provide Us

IMM Exchange collects users’ account data such as their name, age, date of birth, nationality, gender, photographs, phone number, home address, mail address, and other formal identification information such as passport number, government ID, driving license, or visa information. The information allows us to comply with our legal obligations. Access to our services will be denied if any of the required information is not provided.

IMM Exchange processes financial details such as users’ bank account, card information, or other payment gateways when the user facilitates the processing of payments.

Also, the user credentials set by users will also be collected by IMM Exchange. In the unfortunate case of any hack or data breach, users’ respective accounts might be subjected to temporary blocking if it pertains to the capacity of the organization.

Data from External Resources

If the data collected from any of the other external resources matches with a corresponding user’s identity/interest, IMM Exchange holds the right to store the same under your name.

Purpose of Collection

The above-mentioned personal information and other data collected is solely for the purpose of creating respective accounts for the users. As mentioned, the IMM Exchange holds the right to users’ account details to temporarily/permanently block if any suspicious activity is found.

Disclosure of Data

We may reveal the data to any other industry or third-party for reasonably necessary purposes and on legal cases.

IMM Exchange may use your data for the process of demographic filing, industry & market analysis, and business purposes.

In the case of any dispute in the exchange process, IMM Exchange holds the complete authority to disclose a particular user’s information to the other in an attempt to solve the dispute, should there be a need.

IMM Exchange abides by the law and regulations. If the law requires the personal data of a corresponding user, we hold the right to disclose all the details because justice and legality can not be compromised at any cost.

Transfer of Data

If IMM Exchange transfers its base to any foreign country, the entire pool of users’ data will be transferred to the new server located in the corresponding country.

If IMM Exchange decides to sell its ownership to another private body, the entire pool of users’ data will also be transferred to the new ownership.

Children Policy

IMM Exchange strictly forbids access to children of any age group. The site is only applicable to adults above the age of 21. IMM Exchange holds no responsibility for a child that fakes his/her personal details.

Mailing Policy

IMM Exchange collects the email address of its users to grant access to its service and to update users with the latest updates/happening via newsletters, promotions, and press releases.

The email address collected will not be sold or rent at any cost to any third party. Users can, however, manage their preferences for the subscription. Until they click ‘Unsubscribe’ in their mail, they are liable to receive every promotion, newsletter or press release from IMM Exchange.

Changes in Private Policy

The privacy policy of IMM Exchange, listed here in the document, is subjected to vary from time to time. It is our users’ responsibility to update themselves with the changes. However, IMM Exchange may notify them of the changes via mail 30 days prior to the changes.

Data Retention

Users of IMM Exchange have the right to permanently deactivate their accounts. However, their data are retained by IMM Exchange. We do not retain the data of our users longer than necessary. Nor do we retain the data to sell or rent to any of the third party. But, if disclosure of users’ data is vital for the organization (IMM Exchange) to comply with the legal obligations, then we own the full authority to reveal your data to the corresponding governing body.

Data Security

IMM Exchange strives to protect the data of its users with its robust security firewalls and other encrypted systems. However, since the process operates on the internet, nothing can be guaranteed. So, we, IMM Exchange, can not be held accountable for any sort of data breach or security-related issues if at all something of that sort arises.


In the event of any further query, users are requested to mail their concerns to

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